How we work

We operate through a minimum, agile and efficient structure: 

  • Focal Points Network: made up of representatives of the 28 member governments of the Regional Initiative and employers’ and workers’ organizations, who make decisions and set the priorities for the Initiative. 

  • Technical Secretariat: hosted by the Regional Office of the International Labour Organization (ILO) for the Americas, which is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the Initiative.

  • Meeting of High-Level Authorities: composed of the Labour Ministers of the region. 

Management of the Regional Initiative

Consisting on 4 entities.

Meeting of High Level Authorities 

Highest political body associated with the American Regional Meeting of the ILO. Composition: Ministers of Labour and representatives of employers’ and workers’ organizations in the region.

Tasks and Roles:

  • Provides the highest level of political backing to the actions of the Regional Initiative.

  • Drives the strategic positioning of the Regional Initiative on political agendas and forums.

  • Maintains political partnership and representation of the Regional Initiative.

Regional Network of Focal Points

Executive management entity, tripartite in nature. Composition: Representatives of governments, appointed by the Ministers of Labour; regional representatives of employers and workers, appointed by the pertinent organizations.

Tasks and Roles:

  • Provides strategic direction to the Regional Initiative through the following actions:

    • Provides advocacy at national, sub-regional, regional and global forums to ensure implementation of the Regional Initiative.

    • Designs, reviews and approves programs, plans and budgets of the Regional Initiative.

    • Reviews and approves proposed amendments to guiding documents for the proper functioning of the Regional Initiative.

  • Performs monitoring, follow-up and evaluation of plans and programs of the Regional Initiative and their budgetary implementation.

  • Provides technical input to the Technical Secretariat for preparing programs, plans, documents, reports, proposals for action, projects, etc.

  • Identifies and follows up on opportunities for mobilizing public and private resources to support implementation of the Regional Initiative.

  • Interacts effectively with the Technical Secretariat for implementing all components of the plans and programs of the Regional Initiative.

  • Establishes links with the regional and national levels of the Regional Initiative, disseminating information, socializing agreements and ensuring the flow of coordination and feedback among stakeholders.

  • Holds four meetings a year –three virtual meetings and one face-to-face meeting– to follow up on the implementation of the Regional Initiative.

  • Advocates with decision makers at the national level to introduce the Regional Initiative at the various integration and international policy forums that are relevant to the objectives and lines of action of the Initiative.

  • Makes consensual decisions.

Technical Secretariat

Technical and operational body. Composition: ILO Regional Office for the Americas.

Tasks and Roles:

  • Provides overall technical assistance to the Focal Points Network and the Meeting of High-Level Authorities.

  • As delegated by the Network, ensures compliance, follow-up and management of policies and strategies.

  • Provides technical assistance and support to achieve objectives, follow up on and measure results, identify lessons learned and manage knowledge of the Regional Initiative.

  • Coordinates with the Focal Points Network on the design, follow-up and implementation of the advocacy and resource mobilization strategy of the Regional Initiative.

  • Facilitates interaction of the Regional Focal Points Network with other actors involved in the implementation of the Regional Initiative.

  • Convenes meetings, prepares the items on the agenda, attends the meetings and drafts minutes of the main agreements of the Focal Points Network.

AD-HOC Groups

Advisory body. Composition: Panels of external thematic expert advisers convened to address specific topics.

Tasks and Roles:

  • Provides technical opinions on specific sectoral or thematic issues as may be required by the Focal Points Network for implementing the Regional Initiative.

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