Implementation and financing

At the programme level, a framework for policy acceleration has been designed to enhance existing investments of countries towards social development, in order to address two priority target groups: i) children and working adolescents below the legal minimum working age and / or engaged in hazardous work; ii) children and adolescents who risk to be victim of child labour, according to their needs and characteristics.

The Regional Initiative combines two approaches:
A preventive one, which seeks to achieve the first free generation of child labour by 2025; and a protective one, which seeks to restore the rights of children and adolescents who are involved in child labour.

For more information on the procedures, please refer to the Brochure of the Regional Initiative: “We are ushering in the first generation to be free of child labour”.

At the financial level, the Regional Initiative pools resources from various sources:

  • The participating countries’ own resources
  • International development cooperation agencies
  • Private sector (businesses, corporate foundations, etc.)
  • Non-monetary contributions to the Regional Initiative through in-kind donations